How STITCH & LOCKE drinks coffee

We use a few specialty items in our brewing process, but other then the grinder and filter, you can substitute the rest with common kitchen equipment.

 Boil the water to 212 degrees F.

We prefer a medium-dark roast. We are drinking some fair trade organic single origin Sumatra beans.

Ceramic conical burr grinders provides the most consistent grind. We are using a Hario Slim Mini Coffee Mill.

Don't burn your grinds, we allow 30 seconds for the kettle to rest before pouring over freshly ground beans. While we wait, warm your hottle with a bit of hot water.

Once the hottle is warm, warm the coffee tower (organic cotton filter, ceramic filter holder, mug)

Pour the grinds into the hottle.

Add a bit of water, allow the grinds to bloom with a quick swirl of the hottle. Finish filling the hottle with water.

Set the timer to 4 mins (5 mins or more for those who drink rocket fuel). Allow your coffee to steep.

Discard the warming water from your cup and pour your coffee through the tower.

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